IAG International LLC is Your Expert at Remote Sites.

IAG International LLC specializes around construction projects in remote location and has successfully assisted successful conclusions of some of the worlds most complex remote location problems. Some examples include civil construction and concrete works in Baidoa, Somalia.











A remote site or sites can mean extreme working conditions, often in an isolated location without regular cell service or most other common services usually taken for granted. These sites face higher risks than average construction sites in well-located areas. Construction projects in remote locations have their unique problems that are caused mainly by the remoteness of the project itself, problems the company could not anticipate since they are unique to that particular remote location.

Overcoming obstacles, Delivering Regardless

One of our biggest projects in Baidoa where we built facilities for offices and barracks in various locations for UNSOS peacekeepers. We faced a number of issues that could easily have put us behind schedule but because . Instead of letting that happen, we categorised the issues and split the workforce into task-based teams to tackle them one by one.

The result? Efficiency doubled, decision-making became quicker and clearer, and the pace of work took off. It’s amazing what we have achieved as a teamas a team and with the support of management and the excellent leadership of Mr. Issak Aden Gadoi.