Offshore Oilfield drilling rigs, Onshore land drilling rigs and Oilfield drilling equipment.

Drilling rigs are a perfect blend of quality, modernity and versatility. Drilling rigs are highly competent and technology driven. Drilling Rigs can be also used for up gradation of the modern rigs. The highly modern structure of the Rigs and the Drilling tools can be transported to any environment from the dry deserts to the remotest areas of the world.

IAG very efficiently provides for construction of drilling rigs and work over services.

We offers fleet of modern, quality, diversified Onshore Drilling Rigs (Land based Rigs) for Oil & Gas drilling projects in Somalia and the Middle East. We supply efficient, technology-driven land rigs as well as organize modernization of existing rigs.

We offer innovative rig structures, drilling equipment, electric power systems, SCR drives, AC variable frequency drives, and more. The land rigs are equipped with many of the latest in drilling technologies and undergo strict maintenance schedules on a regular basis, to tackle increasingly challenging drilling projects in many different and difficult settings, from harsh desert environments and to remote land sites