The management of IAG is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions, while promoting a positive attitude toward health and safety within the company.

Over the years, as IAG International LLC has matured, so has the company’s commitment towards protecting its greatest resource – our people. Through effective health and safety management and loss prevention, IAG International establishes a ‘safe’ work environment on every project.

Our company is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace to ensure that our Employees and others are not injured. Our goal is to eliminate all injuries, accidents and incidents.

To achieve this goal we have made safety a priority on all of our sites and jobs and we we require active participation by everyone in our business to adequately plan the work we are carrying out and to act safely at all times.


  1. Plan ahead to systematically identify and control all hazards in our workplace and to ensure our Employees have the right plant and skills needed to work safely and control these hazards.
  2. Involve our Employees/Subcontractors in safety activities.
  3. Induct and train our Employees to recognise and control hazards and hold regular safety meetings.
  4. Monitor our workplace to ensure our planned controls are effective.
  5. Supervise our Employees/Subcontractors to ensure they are acting safely.
  6. Record all incidents and accidents in our workplace, investigate all known incidents and accidents and take action to prevent recurrence.
  7. Develop and implement emergency and evacuation procedures.
  8. Ensure all plant and equipment is maintained and safe to use.
  9. Ensure our Employees are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  10. Support any injured staff to return to work safely.