Manpower Supply

Why choose IAG

The primary mission of IAG is to provide and distribute high-caliber,categorized manpower to all facets of the construction industry in Somalia and East Africa in General, and beyond,which include general and skilled labor, foremen and professional engineers with years of experience in their relevant disciplines.

Our Process

Initially after introductions, our management team will arrange an initial non-obligatory,fact-finding meeting to discuss your company’s detailed requirements. We will then prepare a professional quotation specifically for your company.At that time, your feedback will be analyzed and followed-up or an implementation can be scheduled.

Our Obligation

IAG Construction Manpower measures its successes by the achievements of our clients,in providing only the highest quality of well-trained, safety conscience workforce as a solution. We understand the requirements of our clients and strive to make sure that when they consider IAG, they are confident that they receive exactly what they are promised.

Construction Manpower

Along with strong domestic consumption, the construction industry plays an important role in maintaining IAG’s economic growth on the plunging foreign and local investment. The construction industry has much growth thanks to the big demand for infrastructure and housing development.

IAG construction workers are inherited some long-lasting cultural values from the years they have been working. Therefore, IAG workers always have highly-skills and experiences. Our labor resources are very variable, skilled, high-qualified and dedicated characteristics

Construction manpower is one of vital job sectors that IAG Manpower is focusing. Being equipped with highly- professional levels, along with hard-working, diligent and inquisitive spirits, IAG constructor always meets the strictest requirements of employers. Through meticulous and careful selection process, IAG Manpower seems to be dominant in supplying human resources in this labor segment. We always have the best criteria, guarantee policy for our labors quality.

Management Staffs

IAG Manpower is one of the leading construction recruitment agencies from IAG specializes in supplying high-qualified Construction Manpower at management level. This is also the most important human resource we focusing on. All of construction manager get bachelor’s degree in construction –related fields from major universities in Somalia and over the world. Each manager has long- time experiences, high qualification and fluency language knowledge. This factor creates the profession of supplying our construction manager. Construction worker salary is proportional with the capacity of each position

Project Manager

IAG Manpower pursues and chooses the project manager who has high qualification, excellent management skill. Currently, we have provided a lot of project managers for large corporations as well as foreign enterprises on the management sector of integrated, scope management, time, cost, quality, human resources, Information, risks of project. The Recruitment Process has been conducted carefully, high- quality management and it is the best thing customer satisfies with IAG Manpower

General Workers

Along with construction management power, general construction worker is also vital in our total in particular and in construction in general. These workers have many years of experiences, inquisitive spirit and high- tolerance. They are trained well from large in IAG. All of vocational training programs are variable and expended each year by IAG Manpower. We are totally proud of the quality of that we provide. Some main types of general workers provided by IAG Manpower:

  • Building workers: concreting worker, scaffolding worker, tiller, mason, plasterer, bricklayer, building electrician, asphalt plant operators
  • Welder: TIG, MIG Welder, 2G, 3G,4G, 6G Welder
  • Steel Worker: Steel Fixer, Steel Erector, Steel Metal Workers, Iron workers
  • Carpenter: Building carpenter, furniture carpenter, shuttering carpenter
  • Painter: wall painter, spray painter
  • Fitter: pipe conduit, mechanical

Building Workers

We offer variable types of workers, including concreting worker, scaffolding workers, tiller, mason, plasterers, bricklayer, building electrician, asphalt plant operators. Our employees have high- qualification skills, long experience, and enthusiasm, hard-working and inquisitive spirit.

Steel Workers
We have recruited a lot of steel welders for foreign companies, especially in the Middle East and other countries. The steel worker is trained in the vocational college, hard-working, willing-to-learn spirits. Now, IAG Manpower supplies many kinds of steel workers such as: steel fixer, steel erector, steel metal worker, iron worker.


Our carpenters are provided for construction projects including building carpenter, furniture carpenter and shuttering carpenter. All carpenters have many years of experiences and high level of workmanship.

Pipe Fitter/ Duct Installer/ Duct maintainer/ Duct Repairer
Pipe fitter is one of the most important aspects of any construction project. These skilled pipe fitters are responsible for installing the drains, water mains, sewers, and gas and oil lines into buildings and other structures. Pipe fitters install, maintain, and repair high and low-pressure pipes in manufacturing, electricity generation, and building climate control. Some pipe fitters in specialized areas such as steam fitting, but this work is extremely dangerous. Pipe conduit and mechanical fitter.

Skills of painting and being trusted by partners, IAG Manpower are always proud of supplying high skills.


Providing a variety of welders: TIG, MIG, MAG, FCAW, GTAW, SMAW with many positions 2F, 2G, 3G, 4G, 6G having perennial skilled welding, high-tech and adapt well with all type of building classes and require high demand.